What is the survey about?
We are conducting a survey to assess the daily transit experience of passengers across all modes of transport i.e. bus, train, metro, auto, share auto, cycle, two-wheeler, car etc. Some of the parameters we will be covering are safety, ease of access and comfort of your transit.

Who is eligible?
Individuals who engage in a daily commute from home to any destination in Chennai for work, college, school or any other purpose. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what mode(s) of transport you use. As long as it’s a daily commute and in Chennai.

How long will it take?
Around 30 minutes. 45 minutes if you are very chatty!

How will the survey be conducted?
This is a face to face survey and you will need to speak to one of our team members to participate.
If you are interested to participate in this survey, please fill out your email/ phone number in this form-

We will get in touch with you to decide a mutually convenient location and time to meet and conduct the survey.

Who are we and why are we conducting this survey?
We are a team of architects and urban designers. We are conducting this survey as part of a larger research initiative to measure the performance of urban mobility in Chennai. We believe that in order to get a complete picture of the urban mobility scenario we need to speak directly to the commuters. Hence this survey. Your preferences and experiences will make the results of this survey stronger and support a constructive build-up of knowledge!
We will share the results from the survey on the Friends of Public Transport blog and Facebook page. However, we guarantee that the identities of the survey participants will not be disclosed.

Surveys will continue till 10th September.

Please also help by forwarding this call in your network! The more participants we get the stronger and more powerful the results will be.
Thank you in advance!

Survey call square poster

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